The Body Barn creates innovative training within an inspiring environment for people who want to break away from the norm. We move away from the conventional concepts, that embeds the community into the center of its thinking…


"A classic full body workout"


"12 rounds of pure endurance"


"Target your lower body and core"


"Back to the old school"


"The Body barn meets CrossFit"
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Training in your individual pods, A classic full body workout with a mixture of weights, core and cardio using some fundamentals movements to get you burning calories and feeling good.
12 rounds of pure endurance, as you jab cross and hook your way through different combinations on our aqua bags! Forgetting about your daily stresses in your 3 minute boxing rounds!
Shape and sculpt your body in this programme that targets your lower body and core working muscles you never thought you had!
Bringing you back to the roots of training, you will use your primal instincts to Hit, jump and climb though this programme leaving you crawling for the door.
The Body barn meets CrossFit - with this dynamic and challenging programme that uses a range of advanced training methods to get your muscles burning and your hearts pumping!
A session that not only gets you out your seat but brings a combination of the old school spin sessions with a new school concept of indoor cycling
Hyrox involves a combination of strength, endurance and mobility. All of which can translate to better athletic performance inlcuding improved lifts in the gym. The training is a mixture of cardio, strength and endurance.