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So what will you get?

✅ 4 home plans every 2 weeks (downloadable PDF Documents) – so up to 8 a month

✅ Each plan will be 40min long with warm up, main program and recovery

✅ Each plan can be done in the home and with body weight

✅ Each plan has its own downloadable music we have created on Spotify so when you train you think your still in the GroupFIT session

✅ Each plan has a downloadable video library in a Private YouTube channel , where you can link each move to the coach and the PDF program

✅ live streamed sessions on our Facebook Family page with a running calendar

✅ We also invite you into The Body Barn Family Private Group where we have all our members interacting, supporting and engaging with each other, which is such a valuable tool in its self.

To find out what our members think, visit https://thebodybarn.co.uk/homefittestimonials/

If you are a Bodybarn member and would like access to HomeFIT please register using the link below.

If you are not a Bodybarn member email us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form

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